Mobile Apps


The RaterAide Android app is an optional tool for RaterAide Pro subscribers. With it you can:

  • View your totals for the day, week and month on the go.
  • Check for available mobile tasks and automatically track them.
  • View send-to-device task links all at once.
  • Quickly search pages using Mobile Query Bar.
  • Receive push notifications when new tasks are available.

To get RaterAide, install it from the Google Play store using this link, or search for it directly within the Play Store app.

Signing In

When the app opens it will prompt you to sign in to Dropbox. Since all your data is stored there, make sure to sign in using the Dropbox account that you use on your desktop.

  • Sometimes signing in to Dropbox may fail, in which case an alert will be shown. Please try force-quitting the Dropbox app if the issue persists.


A RaterAide Pro subscription is required to use the Android app. If you are not subscribed, you can sign up by tapping the "Sign Up" button, or via the Chrome extension.

If you are already a subscriber and are still seeing this message, please make sure you are signed in to the same Dropbox account as on the desktop.

Viewing Totals

The leftmost Summary tab shows your totals for the day, week and month. Tap any item to view it in more detail.

  • To view totals for a previous day, week or month, tap an item then tap the left/right arrows at the top right to move back and forward.
  • If the totals aren't updating, please try tapping the "Reload" icon at the top right. Failing that, please try restarting desktop Chrome and/or the mobile app to update the totals.

Using the Timer

The Timer tab let you manually acquire and submit tasks outside of Raterhub. If you're submitting tasks within the Hub tab they will be counted automatically -- use the timer only when you are completing tasks outside of the RaterAide app.

  • Click the "Start" icon at the top left to begin a new session.
  • Tap the top section of the timer to change the task type and time.
  • Tap the left arrow to restart the timer (during the first task of the session.) This is helpful if you get distracted or otherwise need more time for the current task.
  • Tap the right arrow to fast forward the timer (during the first task of the session.) This is helpful if have already acquired and completed the task and then want to bill for the full amount immediately.
  • Tap the submit button to submit the current task. If you have a task open in the Hub tab, it will be submitted there.

Using the Hub

The Hub tab lets you acquire and submit tasks directly in the RaterAide app. To check for new tasks tap the "Reload" icon at the top right. The Hub tab refreshes itself periodically as well, so just opening the app will reload the index page.

When a task is available, click the "Acquire" button and follow these steps to complete it:

  • When the task opens and you are ready to begin working, click the "Start" icon at the top left.
  • When you finish the task, click "Submit" at the bottom of the task page. An alert will be shown notifying you that the task was submitted.
  • If you finish early, you can lock the device and it will alert you when it's time to submit. You can configure the alert sound and speed by tapping the "..." icon at the top right, tapping "Settings," and changing the options under the "Alerts" category.

More info coming soon!

If you have more questions about the mobile app, please contact support.